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April at the Free Press

It’s been a while, but I’m posting some photos from April assignments at the Burlington Free Press. My photo editor decides which of my final shots to put in the paper; here are my favorites from the last few weeks! All are in BW — just makes things easier.

A player on Slovakia’s women’s hockey team lies motionless on the ice after being hit during an April 7 game against Sweden. The two countries played the first game in the week-long International Ice Hockey Federation’s Women’s World Championship, hosted by the Douglas Cairns Recreation Arena and the University of Vermont’s Gutterson ice rink.

Turns out she was okay, and went on to play hard (and get carried off the ice once more) later in the game. Sweden beat Slovakia soundly.

Churchgoers eat homemade cookies and drink coffee following Easter Sunday service at Grace United Methodist Church in Essex.

I know I’m not supposed to accept gifts because of journalistic integrity, but the pastor all but force-fed me one of those cookies. Taste factor, mediocre… festiveness, stellar.

Kelly Coons, director of catering at the Skinny Pancake, makes crepes for participants at the Picnic for the Planet on April 22 afternoon at City Hall Park. Burlington coordinator Donia Prince said 51 countries and all 50 states participated in an attempt to break the world record for the largest picnic.

Hannah Mogeon holds a sign protesting IBM’s outsourcing policies. Hannah attended the demonstration with her father and fellow protester Earl Mogeon on April 24. “I’ve grown up listening to my dad talk about this stuff,” Hannah said. “It’s nice to be informed.”

Line cook Matteo Deshong cooks a pasta special at Prohibition Pig in Waterbury on April 25. Head chef Brian Sheehan said the extensive cocktail list and special smoked barbecued meats have attracted attention.

This place might be my new regular spot — if it wasn’t all the way in Waterbury. Forty-five minutes for a burger, with gas at this price? Mmm… tough choice.

Jon Bouton marks down signs of potential emerald ash borer damage to ash trees in Randolph during a simulation on April 26. The exercise was meant to find the problems with interagency cooperation in the case of an emerald ash borer invasion.

Trouncing around in the woods with a few people looking for laminated emerald ash borer beetles. Another Freep adventure!

Lola Aiken, 99, and Gov. Peter Shumlin celebrate after cutting the ribbon at the official opening ceremony of the George D. Aiken Center at the University of Vermont. Lola was married to Gov. George Aiken from 1967 until his death in 1985. The new building boasts state-of-the-art energy management systems and an “eco machine” to treat waste on-site.

I’m not sure how Gov. Peter Shumlin’s body guard felt about this one. He was anxiously waiting just off camera right.

South Burlington resident Marjorie Wallace paints a hummingbird design on a slab of wood during a Green Mountain Decorative Painters meeting on April 28.

The very nice ladies at the Green Mountain Decorative Painters made a boring assignment into a lovely morning.

And finally, I had to put a few up from the Green Candle Theatre Company’s rehearsal of their show, “The Napoleon 2012.” This was such an awesome shoot. Complete access — around the stage, using my Speedlight, talking to the performers — and not a peep from the wonderful actors and actresses. I unfortunately haven’t seen the show yet, but I’d love to.

(If you’re confused about the plot from the cutlines, just check out the actual show. I wouldn’t do an explanation justice.)

From left, Aaron Masi, Dean Dennis and Alex Dostie prepare to enter the stage during a rehearsal of the Green Candle Theatre Company’s “The Napoleon 2012.” The show features two congruent plots; one is a play about Napoleon Bonaparte, and the other is about the actors’ difficulties producing the play.

Aaron Masi does his makeup during a “behind-the-scenes scene” at a rehearsal for “The Napoleon 2012.”

Aaron Reil rehearses his role as an actor playing multiple characters in the Green Candle Theatre Company’s “The Napoleon 2012.”

Here’s a few extra from some work for the University of Vermont’s Campus Recreation Department:

Spinning class, shot for the University of Vermont Campus Recreation Department.

Intramural basketball championships, shot for the University of Vermont Campus Recreation Department.

Intramural broom ball championships, shot for the University of Vermont Campus Recreation Department.


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Cinco de Mayo, masquerade style

Mildred Moody‘s team has done it again, and this time they had some serious, heavy-hitting audio help. 2nd Agenda and the Lynguistic Civilians rocked Nectar’s downstairs, and a handful of extremely talented vendors made the night a hit. The place was packed. Check out a few shots below!

Here’s a link to the photo booth I did, as well… Check it out, and stop by next month!

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FeelGood benefit pre-show at Metronome

The FeelGood team is at it again, this time with a show at Metronome in Burlington. Local bands and DJs like Fridge and the Spin$ and Slow Loris kept it energetic for the rain-soaked crowd.

Photog note: Still experimenting with high-contrast, black-and-white images with hard light. I’m trying to emulate the 70’s punk scene feel, but I don’t know how I’m doing. Any tips, please comment!

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FeelGood benefit pre- pre-show at Muddy Waters

James Billman and the FeelGood team invited me to take some quick shots at their show to, as they say, “raise money to raise money so we can raise money to end hunger.” Muddy Waters was a generous host, and there were some seriously talented musicians.

Photog note: After using my friend’s cumulative 1,650 watt/seconds monolights, I was really in the dark on this assignment. However, I re-discovered the usefulness of the slaved Speedlight, especially when you are stuck with 1600 ISO on a four-year-old DSLR without the extra light. Hence the hard shadows. I was also dealing with the cooler flash bounce off of warmer wood tones and old lamps. Hence the black and white.

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Playing with strobes

My good friend Ben (his website) allowed me to borrow two of his monolights for the weekend. The Photoflex Starlites total 1,650 watt seconds, and I spent the last few days messing around with different brightnesses, angles, softboxes/reflectors and umbrellas. Here are a few examples from my various sessions:

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Free Press photos: ONE Fashion Event at Higher Ground

The Boys and Girls Club of Burlington host an annual fashion show at Higher Ground to raise money for the program. This year, six months of planning and more than 130 volunteers made the event possible.

Photos taken for the Burlington Free Press.

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BSU Fashion Show at UVM

University of Vermont’s Black Student Union hosts an annual fashion show that features designers from New York and Vermont. This year, the looks were pretty incredible. Here are a couple shots from the evening in gallery format. It looks like when I post directly into the blog, the shots are down-sized and become blurry, so here they are in full sharpness!

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Moses and the Electric Company at St. Mike’s

A basement in a St. Mike’s dorm played host to Moses and the Electric Company’s jam/electric sounds on Friday, Feb. 24. I had a ton of fun messing around with my slave off-camera flash and the venue’s colorful LEDs.

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