What distinguishes Goethe from the taxi driver is a result of the passion, not the passion itself. — The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera


Damir Alisa Photography

I am an independent multimedia visual journalist based in New England. I mostly work as a photojournalist, commercial photographer and contract portrait photographer. I have experience in videography, graphic design and layout, newspaper management and written journalism, and film photography.

I graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Asian studies after a lifelong pursuit to master the Chinese language; I also spent a semester in Beijing and Vietnam. My work has appeared in Burlington newspapers including The Burlington Free Press, and I got my start in journalism at the University of Vermont’s student-run newspaper, The Vermont Cynic. Here, I experienced the burdens of editorship as the photography editor then managing editor. Partially under my management, the Vermont Cynic received its first-ever Pacemaker Award.

My ultimate goal is to work in overseas conflict zones. I currently live in Burlington, Vt., and continue to freelance for newspapers and magazines. A recent renewal of interest in film photography has led me back to the darkroom, where I spend much of my time (and often don’t realize how much time really has gone by).


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