FeelGood benefit pre- pre-show at Muddy Waters

James Billman and the FeelGood team invited me to take some quick shots at their show to, as they say, “raise money to raise money so we can raise money to end hunger.” Muddy Waters was a generous host, and there were some seriously talented musicians.

Photog note: After using my friend’s cumulative 1,650 watt/seconds monolights, I was really in the dark on this assignment. However, I re-discovered the usefulness of the slaved Speedlight, especially when you are stuck with 1600 ISO on a four-year-old DSLR without the extra light. Hence the hard shadows. I was also dealing with the cooler flash bounce off of warmer wood tones and old lamps. Hence the black and white.

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One thought on “FeelGood benefit pre- pre-show at Muddy Waters

  1. […] soothing chais and local brews. Elliot DeBruyn  took amazing photos of the pre-show events at Muddy’s and Metronome, so be sure to check out his website and blog posts for the albums! Metronome Jamm'n […]

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